We are a young festival born in 2019, in the town of Jijona (Alicante), with the support of public and private entities and under the guidance of great professionals from the world of music. An event that takes place the last week of July and that manages to bring together great music and trumpet professionals and a large number of students from all over Spain and abroad.

The festival consists of three different parts. Students and teachers will share their time between trumpet classes, a contest, and free evening concerts in an idyllic setting. In addition, the organization of FIT Xixona has gone a step further and has been a pioneer in offering students a physiotherapy masterclass, by one of the best physiotherapists in Spain, Fernando Nicolau Colomina, to improve and correct body postures when playing the trumpet.



It is undeniable that the cast of teachers proposed for the course, without going into other considerations, is of great national and international prestige. It has the commitment of internationally renowned soloists and talents who have received recognition on stage, in competitions, and among critics. In addition, all of them have stood out for their pedagogical activity and their ability to attract students interested in their musical advice.

To the attractiveness that the teaching staff of the course presents to the students, we add a feature that will make it even more interesting. We refer to the participation of a professional pianist, a repertoire player with experience in Higher Music Education in the specialty of Trumpet. Having a repertoire teacher in the regular development of the classes (and not only in the performances, as it happens in this type of proposals) is a benefit that only occurs in the most prestigious courses. This is an element, therefore, very unusual in national courses and supposes and it is an extraordinary reinforcement to the pedagogical activity that we intend to carry out, since the works will be approached integrally, allowing the students to have a complete vision of the covered repertoire, instead of the partial vision that results from working only on the solo part.



Trumpet competition awarded with an €8,000 scholarship to study the Master's Degree in Interpretation and Performative Research at the Alfonso X El Sabio University in Madrid with Manuel Blanco and José María Ortí Soriano as teachers. This scholarship is offered by the Foundation Ciudad de Requena within the framework of the “Cátedra de Trompeta Fundación Ciudad de Requena" of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts.



The cycle of concerts that make up the festival is the backbone of FIT Xixona. The festival offers the public a cast of performers who have performed in some of the most prestigious national and international venues, and with an artistic projection that is still far from reaching its peak.


These concerts, which will be held every night in one of the most extraordinary concert venues in the Province of Alicante, the Barranc de la Font, has achieved a great response from the public that can be attributed to one main factor: the great musical quality of the performers. This is one of the pillars of the success of this cycle.