The objectives of the “Ciutat de Xixona” International Trumpet Festival are the following:


Objectives of the course within the Festival:

- To offer students higher levels of music education and a new approach to performance work based on the artistic experience of the teachers.

- To practice and analyze the main technical parameters of instrumental performance.

- To bring new study techniques to students, focused on artistic and professional strengthening.

- To assimilate an integral conception of the score based on piano interpretation.

- To promote the analytical study, concentrating on the parameters involved in interpretation as a means of achieving greater autonomy.

- To assimilate different interpretative ideas through their own repertoire and the rest of the students.

- To deepen the aesthetic conception of the repertoire as an indispensable means for a coherent interpretation.

- To foster a respectful and constructive work environment and fellowship among the participants.


Objectives of the Festival concerts:

- To offer a cycle of concerts of a high artistic level as a means of dynamizing the cultural life of the nearby region.

- To promote a close contact between the audience and the performer, both during the performance and after finishing it.

- To promote the diffusion of new repertoires in the nearby geographical area.

- To achieve a high public response through the wide diffusion of the cycle of concerts.


Objectives of the festival contest:

- To give the opportunity to promising young trumpet players to grow as professionals.

- To encourage Valencian trumpeters to develop their instrument in one of the best universities in Europe with the guidance of two of the great masters of the trumpet such as José María Ortí Soriano and Manuel Blanco, in addition to having different international teachers. 

- To promote healthy competition among participants.